The following page contains information and videos. Here you can access our video blog, which features reports on the ongoing trials of Argentina's former dictators, from ECCHR's Wolfgang Kaleck and Alexandra Weltz. Interviews with speakers from the international conference on "Transnational Business and Human Rights", which took place in October of 2008 in Berlin, will be updated to the site shorty.


Drones: Making the Invisible Visible (May 2014)

Drones: Making the Invisible Visible from PARKAFILM.CC on Vimeo.

The Rights of Torture Survivors

As part on the ECCHR's work on torture, Morenike Fajana, trainee in the Education Program, produced a video on the rights of torture victims. With the help of compelling interviews with experts and victims, the video explains the obligations which the UN Anti-Torture Convention (CAT) requires from the State Parties and illustrates the difficulties torture victims face to achieve justice.

Video on the ICC submission regarding British war crimes in Iraq

The Pinochet Effect – The impact of transnational litigation (Nov. 2013)

16 October 1998 marks one of the most important events in recent legal history: Augusto Pinochet was arrested in London. How did that come about? Two protagonists talk about the background: the Spanish lawyer Juan Garcés, who was also an advisor to Allende, worked towards Pinochet’s arrest on behalf of victims. Baltasar Garzón requested Pinochet’s extradition as the Spanish investigating judge. Moreover, Professor Sugarman will discuss the impact of this arrest on legal human rights work. Beatriz Brinkman, a political prisoner in 1986/86, will speak about the difficulties Chilean society faces until today in coming to terms with the dictatorship.


The film was shot during an ECCHR event on 30 September 2013, in cooperation with Parkafilm.

Interview with Jeremy Scahill at ECCHR (Oct. 2013)

Jeremy Scahill, one of America’s best known investigative journalists, presented his book "Dirty Wars" at ECCHR.