Human rights are not only threatened and infringed upon by states, but as globalization progresses, transnational corporations exert greater economic and political power that can significantly alters peoples' everyday lives. Despite this reality, there is currently no clear international consensus on whether transnational corporations are subject to legally binding human rights obligations.

ECCHR believes that human rights violations, committed or aided by transnational enterprises, must be investigated and prosecuted. In order to ensure legal accountability, ECCHR initiates legal proceedings on behalf of victims. Our work is strengthened by global cooperation with other human rights organizations and lawyers.

National legal systems and international soft law mechanisms are also effective strategies by which victims can assert their rights against abuses by transnational corporations. Although these instruments do not provide effective or global legal protection, ECCHR is convinced that existing national and soft law mechanisms are currently the only alternative means of holding corporations accountable.

Holding Companies Accountable - Lessons from transnational human rights litigation